VIDEO: Audi AG Talks Multi Media Interface

Audi set a precedent at the 2015 CES Show by being the first car manufacturer to have an autonomous vehicle drive itself to the show so media members clamored over each other for an opportunity to see what Audi had in store for this year’s show. We were not disappointed! From the alluring lines of the Audi R8 to the comprehensive approach to sustainable mobility in the Audi e-tron, it is clear that Audi’s mission is to eliminate any apprehensions regarding their superiority in the luxury automobile market.

At CES 2016, we had the opportunity to talk with Michael Zeyn, Head of Development Operating Concepts at Audi AG, regarding the digitization of the driving experience with the Multi Media Interface (MMI) system. Advancements since its release in 2001 have reduced the MMI system from filling the trunk of a vehicle to now being the size of your typical computer graphics card. MMI is much more than your classical entertainment system. This system has the capability to control entertainment, instrument layouts and display vehicle surroundings. Utilizing real time cloud data, the MMI system will actively communicate with the cloud and make recommendations, such as restaurants or events, based on what the driver is interested in.

While the system can be voice controlled, it acts more like a personal assistant allowing you to focus on the road and enjoy the Audi driving experience. We are looking forward to seeing what Audi brings to the 2017 CES.