Super-fast Wireless iPhone Charger Xl i CON Reaches $10,000 in Kickstarter

Superb Charging Performance Achieved by Bench Soft’s Own X-link Technology™

Super-fast Wireless iPhone Charger Xl i CON Reaches $10,000 in Kickstarter

Super-fast Wireless iPhone Charger Xl i CON Reaches $10,000 in Kickstarter

Bench Soft, a smartphone accessories company dedicated to developing accessories with a touch of humanity, creativity, and fun, was funded $10,000 on Kickstarter in just two days with its wireless iPhone charger and case set Xl.i.CON.

iPhone users always face the problem of having insufficient power, for it is designed with a built-in, non-removable battery. Also, it is not always easy to get an access to iPhone charger. Bench Soft finally came up with a brilliant solution to this incessant problem with Xl.i.CON.

Xl.i.CON consists of a wireless charging battery and a beautifully designed case for the iPhone 6 series with a powerful charging performance.

The name “Xl” stands for the “X-shaped magnetic connector, “i” stands for iPhone, and “CON” stands for connector. It is pronounced “excel-icon.”

Bench Soft developed the Xl.i.CON series after noticing that there were no mobile accessories on the market that could charge and sync data simultaneously, except for the iPhone’s original lightning cable. The product does its job flawlessly via a case and a wireless charging battery that use an X-shaped magnetic connector.

The X-shaped magnetic connector developed with Bench Soft’s own X-link technology that stacks the charger and case together is the key part which makes it possible to provide the charging speed of up to 90% of plug-in phone chargers, and perform much better than Freedy’s wireless charger.

The wireless battery has two charging modes: eco and high-speed charging. In eco mode, users can fully charge the iPhone 2.3 times, as it uses 95% capacity of the battery with 4,300mAh. In high-speed charging mode, users can fully charge it 1.7 times at 2,000mAh per hour, same as the original iPhone charger.

The Xl.i.CON case for iPhone 6 series has soft texture and provides a great grip. It has a MFI certified micro 5-pin adaptor to make it possible to charge the phone with Android phone chargers. The adaptor is magnetic, making it easy to attach and detach, and users get the freedom to choose which charger or cable to use with this feature.

In addition, with a mobile app and Bluetooth connection, users can see the remaining battery power by 1%unit.Users have the options to choose either charging mode ordata sync mode. The product also prevents users from misplacing their iPhones via its app that shows the distance between the phone and the battery.

On Kickstarter last year, Bench Soft raised about $98,000 with its high-speed charging cable, almost five times more than its funding goal of $20,000.

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