Influential Fringe Designers Haas Brothers Chooses Videotel for its Industrial Digital Signage Media Players

Videotel, Inc. Chosen for their Reputation in Producing High Quality Products

Eye-catching is an understatement for Haas Brothers’ edgy designs that lean primarily toward furniture and sculpture. The designers’ creations are practically unmistakable, and their style has earned a position in Artsy’s top nine designers for 2015. Now, the duo has stated that they will use the Videotel VP70 industrial digital signage media player for their marketing efforts.

Hass Brothers, trending furniture and sculpture designers for Lady Gaga and Versace, use Videotel's digital signage media players to promote emerging designs.
Hass Brothers, trending furniture and sculpture designers for Lady Gaga and Versace, use Videotel’s digital signage media players to promote emerging designs.

“Videotel makes the simplest, most reliable video looper I’ve ever used,” declares. Our business is one of very high dollar and high stakes. I know I can count on Videotel to deliver.” – Nikolai Haas

The Haas Brothers are in a high-dollar business. Big ideas and big-name clients require proven interactive solutions for marketing. The Haas Brothers may be best known for their collaboration with Versace and their association with Lady Gaga, for whom they crafted masks, wings and other costuming pieces, but not all Haas Brothers patrons are celebrities. At design and art shows, Haas Brothers’ enthusiasts find that they can combine form with function and art with design that tends toward zoomorphic creations.

The Videotel HD looping digital signage media player is perfect for this high-end clientele. The VP70 requires very little human interaction, allowing the brothers to focus on demonstrating how their ideas influence emerging trends in artistic furniture and sculpture design. The VP70 is a plug-and-play solution with auto-on, auto-start and auto-repeat functions. Never does the player present an awkward black or green screen that draws attention to itself rather than the Haas Brother’s designs.

The Haas Brothers are quick to suggest that their pieces, should be viewed through a humorous lens. Humor is an essential part of humanity, but there’s nothing funny about a technological glitch in the middle of an important presentation. Perhaps avoiding such gaffs is why the duo chose the Videotel VP70 as the centerpiece of their digital signage.

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