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Encinitas, Calif, July 14th, 2015 – Silent Pocket announced that it is using KickStarter ( as a launching pad for their latest products – sleek, tactful leather goods that block signal. With significant growth in the mobile privacy sector, Silent Pocket has created a privacy accessory to be unrivaled in aesthetics, style and functionality. It is the world’s first comprehensive line of leather goods that protect your privacy, identity and security for all devices.

Silent Pocket has a patent-pending shielding technology that allows users to completely remove their devices from the grid, effectively blocking all incoming and outgoing signals – through both cellular and data. The shielding technology is embedded into each leather case, which are then carefully manufactured with tightly woven materials and stitches. The product’s unique dual pocket design gives the customer the freedom to decide when and how they want to go off the grid.

“V2 Silent Pocket is balanced in look and functionality” stated Aaron Zar, Silent Pocket Co-Founder. “By using Kickstarter we aim to generate pre-sales to scale our manufacturing and get our products to early adopters around the world that are as passionate about their security as us.”

Silent Pocket is in the privacy accessory market for the long haul. Each pocket is made to exacting standards and the shielding material has gone rigorous testing to ensure that it blocks out all frequencies across all networks. However, Zar realizes the need to stay committed to product development. “As the methods hackers use to swipe information continue to evolve, so will our products. Silent Pocket is here for what is around today and tomorrow.” states Zar. Eventually, the company has plans to move into the travel luggage and accessory space.

Silent Pocket products block cell phone tracking, RFID scanning, and block GPS worldwide. These privacy cases are available on Silent Pocket’s campaign page

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