Syncing Mad Max – Fury Road

Interview with Ben Osmo & Oliver Machin

Syncing Mad Max - Fury Road

Syncing Mad Max – Fury Road

Timo Klinge interviews Ben Osmo, Production Sound Mixer and Oliver Machin, Sound Department Coordinator & Vehicle FX Recordist about Ambient Lockits geting put to the test in the desert of Nambia, Africa during the recent production Mad Max: Fury Road.

With the incredible number of 26 synced up Lockit circuitries, the sound crew around Ben Osmo & Oliver Machin faced the demanding tasks of shooting an action road movie in the Namibian desert.

Syncing Mad Max - Fury Road

Syncing Mad Max – Fury Road

“This was the most technically advanced production in my long career.” Ben Osmo

Three units with up to 12 cameras worked simultaneously, sometimes up to 7km (4.35 mi.) away from each other while driving with 60-90 km/h (37- 56 mph).

The air filled with desert sand containing metallic parts that drastically decreased wireless range, while the VFX dpt wanted the camera to use the UTC time information from the GPS satellites to be used as the reference for timecode, which enabled cross referencing between GPS positioning and the pictures.

Over the course of our three-hour interview, Ben & Oliver recalled detailed information about their workflow, the tasks they had to manage, and their solutions to the technical challenges introduced by production demands and environmental conditions.

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