Madbarz is Launching Their Workout App After Valuation of $1Mil and 95.000+ People on the Waiting List

Madbarz is Launching Their Workout App After Valuation of $1Mil and 95.000+ People on the Waiting List
Madbarz is Launching Their Workout App After Valuation of $1Mil and 95.000+ People on the Waiting List

Madbarz, one of the most popular fitness brands in bodyweight community is launching a workout app which is the next step towards complete individualization and detailed tracking of bodyweight workouts.

This company is mostly famous because of their free workout routines and today they are going live after reaching the milestone of almost 100.000 people on the waiting list.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro athlete, male or female, you will have individualized experience tailored for your fitness level that will help you reach your goal.

What differentiates Madbarz from other fitness apps is precise tracking of workouts that later enables you to see your sharply accurate statistics and progress. They track every part of your workout so you get as much data and statistics as possible. Also, community of more than 215.000 Facebook fans plays the role too.

“If you use mobile app together with a website you can use endless combinations of free workouts, created either by Madbarz or the community. We eliminated the need to pay for workouts or search for them on the internet. ” – Luka Macner, CEO, Madbarz

At the moment you can work out using web and iOS / Android app.

How It Works?

The goal of the app is to give you as much data as possible about your workouts, that way you can better understand the dynamics and it makes exercising so much more interesting. There is no trial period, and app is free.

Concept is quite unique, after app walks you through your workout you get bunch of information about your exercise, you will know exactly which muscles have you activated and how much did you progress over the time. When you tap through your workout, everything is recorded – your repetitions, seconds, rest time, etc. and later you can see visualized details, statistics and progress.

You also have the power to create your own workouts in an innovative way like a pro. When you add exercises to your workout you can see real-time update about which muscles will be activated and it shows you the exact “cardio intensity level” and “muscle stress level” of workout you are building. This option is now available on the web and it’s the first one that will be added to the mobile app. Other than precise tracking, Madbarz has a strong social dimension (available on web), people can follow each other, you can compete with friends and workouts are shown in the main activity feed.

Next milestone is in-app purchase, they will offer pro account, nutrition plans and digital coach feature to users together with market place for workout plans created by famous people in industry.

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