DCIA Launches New Website & Webcast

Washington, DC  March 23, 2015 — The Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) announces the launch of its new website at https://www.newsletterbroadcast.net/i/l/1/c088c7e01e737055e2828e950584f538/2/4a9623c55e501005e0c3252da0a913e3 and its new “DCIA’s Internet of Things (IoT) Marathon” webcast on YouTube.

In making the announcement, DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty said, “Since its formation in 2003, the DCIA’s focus has expanded from Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing to Distributed Storage, Cloud Computing, Social Networking, Big Data, Mobile Cloud, DevOps, and the IoT.”

“The scope of our activities has also increased, to include business development, market research, conferences and expos, industry communications, working groups, advocacy initiatives — and most recently marathon webcasts — as well as the standards setting and related endeavors that formed the foundation for our work.”

“From the DCIA’s outset, our website has served the trade organization’s mission primarily by providing a searchable repository for industry information, chronicling participants’ advancement, and offering analysts and researchers convenient access to valuable data on a host of relevant topics.”

“Overseeing the first update of the DCIA’s website in twelve years were Emily Lafferty, whose most recent business development work included redoing a technology sector website, and DCIA Technology Advisor, Adam Marcus, who has been with the DCIA since its inception. We’re especially grateful for their contributions and very pleased with our new online home for the DCIA,” he concluded.

The new home-page prominently features a search box to continue to facilitate research and analysis, along with links to the DCIA’s social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, and YouTube.

There’s info about how to Join DCIA, Member Benefits, and Membership Levels.

Tabs take visitors to the current edition of the association’s Newsletter, additional News, as well as links to its Members, Events, and Working Groups, plus Archives and more About DCIA. Pull-downs provide additional navigation to specific sections of the website.

The left-hand column features DCIA Presents “DCIA’s IoT Marathon,” followed by links to this week’s DCINFO articles and current Partners & Sponsors.

And finally, the major section of the DCIA home-page summarizes what the organization is all about, displays a slider featuring its Members in the News, publishes the CEO’s weekly report, highlights of the DCIA’s coming events, and presents a slide-show of photos from its most recent past events.

The DCIA’s IoT Marathon webcast, recorded live during the 2015 International CES, features twelve hours of demos, displays, and discussions from DCIA’s HD-video proudction studio and on location in meeting rooms, hospitality suites, and exhibit booths throughout CES.

With regard to the webcast, DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty commented, “The subject matter is the distributed computing industry’s newest and largest ever trend — explosive growth in all kinds of connected devices along with novel and life-changing applications that run on them.”

The webcast can be viewed in its entirety here, or by major sections including Welcome; Smart Objects for Fitness & Healthcare; Programmable Homes & Energy Management; Media Entertainment & Social Networking; Geolocation Services & Vehicular Automation; Retail, Public Space & Manufacturing Environments; and Power Consumption, Cybersecurity, and Interoperability.

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