The First Personal Artificial Intelligence Wows CES 2015 Attendees

Cubic Robotics: The First Personal Artificial Intelligence Wows CES 2015 Attendees

Cubic Robotics: The First Personal Artificial Intelligence Wows CES 2015 Attendees

Palo Alto, January 23, 2014:  Cubic Robotics, an Artificial Intelligence startup, debuted its revolutionary artificial intelligence platform at CES 2015. Cubic is a digital personal assistant of a new kind. It allows its owner to control gadgets, appliances and variety of digital services and apps with voice. This platform eliminates unnecessary interaction with numerous “screens” and manual data entry that is replaced with the ultimate interface, which is a human voice.

Cubic delivers what other tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Google failed to accomplish with their solutions. The Cubic’s breakthrough platform is the evolution of personal computers of all forms (laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices). Cubic’s omnipresence provides unprecedented mobility and can be utilized through the specter of devices just like JARVIS from the Iron Man movie:

  • At home, Cubic can be accessed through the Home Cube – the Amazon Echo like device, but with abilities to voice control the home automation systems and gadgets.
  • On the go, Cubic can be accessed from the mobile app for Android and iPhone, and directly through the special wearable device – the Power Badge.
  • In Cars, Cubic can be installed in the car head unit.
  • Cubic is a platform with its SDK, which allows any inventor or manufacturer to utilize the Cubic’s interface to release voice operated gadgets and digital services.

The company’s approach, to developing its artificial intelligence with personality and concentrating on a superior user experience, made tech giants envy of Cubic. This translated into the explosion of product development partnership offerings ranging from home automation systems and wearable devices to digital personal assistants for healthcare professionals and “smart” cars. “Seeing the accomplishments of the Cubic Robotics team and continuous improvements of the Cubic’s AI, which is a platform that has been generating interest from consumers to the leading tech giants of the world, reassures me that this is a journey worth pursuing!” – said Yury Burov, CEO of Cubic Robotics, after CES 2015.

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