Dark Energy Launches Kickstarter Campaign for First MilitaryGrade, Portable Charger

Looks to break records again with Poseidon – an ultra-compact, rugged and waterproof mobile battery

Salt Lake City, (Tuesday, January 13, 2015) – Dark Energy – A Provo, Utah startup and innovator in portable power storage solutions – today introduced a new Kickstarter campaign to launch its latest product – Poseidon, a military-grade, waterproof and ultra-compact portable charger designed specifically for the extreme outdoor enthusiast.

“Dark Energy believes in giving you the power to go farther,” Said Garrett Aida, founder of Dark Energy. “When people are exploring new heights and blazing new trails, gear can get beat up, and we definitely can’t let lack of battery life slow us down. Poseidon provides unstoppable energy for any adventure, with a confidence only the best durability and design can provide.”

The power of Poseidon is packed between two ultra-durable hybrid polymer armor casings. These armored sections are custom designed for maximum durability and minimal size and weight. Heavy-duty internal and external shock absorbers are built into Poseidon, giving it the ability to take serious bumps and drops with ease. And with a Military Grade Standard of MIL-STD 810G and a six-foot drop rating, Poseidon’s shockproof ability gives adventurers the freedom to go further than ever.

Internally, Poseidon was designed with a patented technology which protects it from liquid and corrosion for the most rugged lifestyle. The charger has a maximum Ingress Protection Rating of IP68, making it both fully dustproof and waterproof up to four feet for 45 minutes.

The Poseidon harnesses 8,000mAh of power, and is able to charge the average smartphone three to five times to full capacity. At 5.74″ high, 3.19″ wide and just .51″ thick, the Poseidon 8K weighs just 8.43 ounces and can easily slip into a back pocket, perfect for any backpacking adventure.

Poseidon can charge cell phones, Kindles, tablets, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices, mobile gaming devices, GoPros, Contours and most cameras. It features a dual USB output system which allows for a rapid charge of two devices at once, with the same charging speed as an outlet and holds its charge for more than a year.

“With more than $100,000 raised, our initial Kickstarter campaign was a huge success and allowed Dark Energy to launch its first-generation portable charger – The Reservoir,” said Aida. “We are again looking for supporters to stand with us and make Poseidon available to the world. Dark Energy is at the tipping point of making Poseidon a reality, and with the funding to push us through manufacturing, we will open new doors for those that love to push the limits and go farther.”

Founders Garrett Aida and William Lam created Dark Energy with the vision of promoting a lifestyle centered on the freedom to go anywhere and do anything, without limitations. In astrophysics, “dark energy” is the force that permeates all of space and accelerates the expansion of the universe. For Aida and Lam, the name and concept became the inspiration for developing products that allow others to expand their personal universe to better accommodate a mobile lifestyle.

For more information or to to support Poseidon’s launch, visit Dark Energy’s Kickstarter.

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