Finding Church Offers A Guide To Those Giving Up Church-As-Usual

Finding Church Offers A Guide To Those Giving Up Church-As-Usual

Finding Church Offers A Guide To Those Giving Up Church-As-Usual

Newbury Park, CA, December 1, 2014 – Popular culture and political polarization often spawn black and white headlines about the death of God and the end of religion. But what if it’s the institutions of faith which are causing people to turn away? Author Wayne Jacobsen argues we can still connect with an authentic faith in Finding Church: What If There Really Is Something More? (Trailview Media).

Jacobsen is a long-time pastor who read an early version of the recent Christian blockbuster title The Shack. He recognized the potential of the powerful, yet simple message of a deeply loving Higher Power, helped the author, William P. Young, rewrite it and then formed a publishing company when no mainstream publisher would accept it. Now there are more than 22 million copies of The Shack in print.

In Finding Church, Jacobsen’s goal is to provide a fresh view of the church and unlock its potential for a new generation. Here is straight talk from a man who has sought genuine New Testament community for more than fifty years and who has discovered it in the most unlikely places.

“God’s church is a living temple,” he says, “springing up in the individual heart and then knitting together into a worldwide community of people whose very relationships put God’s glory on display.” This living temple, a new paradigm for organized religion, is a new creation of those who live beyond the human conventions of society and share a life in Jesus that satisfies their most ardent hunger.

Wayne Jacobsen served as a pastor for twenty years and was also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal. He now travels the world helping people learn to live deeply in the life of Jesus and share it freely with others. He has written and worked with others on a number of books including He Loves Me, So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, and A Man Like No Other.

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Finding Church:  What If There Really Is Something More?
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ISBN: 0983949158

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