World Teleport Association Announces Teleport Certification Program

New Program Aims to Create an Objective, Transparent, and Internationally Accepted Method for Documenting the Quality of Teleport Operations

(New York City, July 22, 2014) – World Teleport Association (WTA) today announced that it was launching development of a Teleport Certification Program.  This program, which WTA is developing at the request of its members, aims to serve both teleport operators and their customers by creating an objective, transparent, and internationally accepted method for teleport operators to document the quality of their operations for customers and strategic partners. It also aims to provide a means for customers to select teleport vendors delivering the price-performance level that is appropriate for their applications.

”Customers bidding a project struggle to understand the quality differences that lie behind estimate from different service providers,” said executive director Robert Bell.

“There is no objective way for a teleport operator today to demonstrate its quality, without time-consuming and costly site audits.  This is a gap that our Certification program will fill, in a transparent way that lets customers select the price-performance their application needs.” – Robert Bell, Executive Director, WTA

Levels of Certification
The Teleport Certification Program will have four levels of certification: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each level will reflect a clear and objective standards for facilities, technology and operating procedures. Certification at one of these levels will indicate, at a minimum, that the teleport complies with the standards of that level.

Standards Development
The certification standards are being developed by a volunteer committee made up of teleport, satellite and technology executives as well as representatives of end-user customers.  As draft standards are determined, they will be posted for comment by the industry on a schedule to be determined. The program will launch, offering temporary self-certification and multi-year audited circulation, upon approval of the standards.  Anyone interested in participating in the committee or learning more about the certification process can contact WTA’s Membership Director at

Online Registry
WTA will maintain an up-to-date online registry of certified teleports and provide teleport operators with links to their online statement of certification as well as a certification logo for display in marketing.

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