VIDEO: Tails of Whimsy Artist Shares Secrets of Licensing Success

Tails of Whimsy, Artist, Daryl Slaton chats with YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell. (Image Courtesy: Tails of Whimsy / Your Biz LIVE).

Tails of Whimsy, Artist, Daryl Slaton chats with
YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell.

YBLTV had the honor to meet Tails of Whimsy, Artist, Daryl Slaton. Slaton gave us insight about his latest creations and the some of the secrets to his licensing success. At this year’s Licensing Show, Slaton launched The Mighty Machines of Mackie McKeens (M4). Another one of Slaton’s properties for licensing, publishing and animation is Scooter & Boots’ Broken Heart Pets Rescue.

About Tails of Whimsy Studio

Artist Daryl Slaton, creative talent behind Tails of Whimsy (TOW), introduced images and new properties for publishing, animation and products. The studio specializes in stories and art in painterly and cartoon illustration specializing in character design, illustration and animation for children 2-12 and women. Properties, many with stories, include: the NEW Mighty Machines of Mackie McKeens. BrokenHeart Pets, Animal Robot Rescue Crew, Furry Tale Theatre, Wispenwood Whimsies and Cosmo’s Great Adventures.

About Daryl Slaton, Artist

Daryl is a multimedia artist with a long list of commercial clients. He has created illustration, animation, character design and display for many of America’s Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller businesses and non-profit organizations. Tails of Whimsy has developed through Daryl’s passion for animals and the fanciful. His studio is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, bringing even more inspiration through its history, music and mountain cultures. Travel world wide with his partner Louise generates context and creativity to his magical characters and artistic vision.

Louise Glickman, Publicist, works alongside Daryl to get the word out about this wonderful, funny guy and his whimsical view of women, animals and life in general. Glickman hails originally from New Orleans where she owned a public relations business for over twenty years, later providing consulting services in marketing, fundraising and non-profit management throughout the US. Now in Asheville, she has turned her energies to helping build Daryl’s Tails of Whimsy brand. In addition she is a practicing studio artist and designer specializing in ikebana (the Japanese art of flower design), ceramics and mixed media/encaustics.

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