From Frank™ & Friends Are Headed to Las Vegas Licensing Expo

Get a Glimpse at Frank’s World and Send Free Greeting Cards at French Bulldog’s Booth

From Frank at Licensing Expo 2014 (Image Courtesy: From Frank).

From Frank at Licensing Expo 2014
(Image Courtesy: From Frank).

June 2, 2014 — Finally, a true wolf pack in Las Vegas. OK, so it’s four dogs and a cat. Close enough. Remember, whatever happens in Vegas (sits and) stays in Vegas.

The five best friends that anybody could have – Frank, Big Louie, Walter, Lulu McFluff and Izzy – are coming to the 2014 Licensing Expo. And they’re bringing a little piece of their world, where making humans smile means everything. Step into Frank’s world to see his greeting cards, magnets, air fresheners, buttons, and more.

There will be treats, of course. Frank and Walter have kitchen duty on Tuesday. Louie and Lulu will whip up Wednesday’s dishes. And if Izzy can stop licking herself, she’ll make Thursday morning’s snack. There will be something for everyone whether you use paws to eat or something fancier. Like hands. You can also send a card for free. Just fill one out for someone special, and Frank will pay the postage.

Smile in Sin City with Frank and friends at Booth B32 at the Licensing Expo, June 17-19 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd., in Las Vegas.

From Frank™ is the brainchild of Kate Smith and her French bulldog, Frank. When Frank’s humorous, human-like personality combined with Kate’s quirky, yet happy, habit of talking for Frank, From Frank™ was born. Frank is a little French bulldog on a big mission to make humans smile. He unleashes his unique insights on birthdays, love and friendship, as well as fresh jokes to take humans’ minds off bad days or being sick.

Since 2011, Frank has made humans smile through greeting cards and gift products available in stores nationwide, including Target and Paper Source. When Walter, Big Louie, Lulu McFluff and Izzy – Frank’s best friends – saw the difference he was making, they wanted to help. So, they joined him in his mission to make humans smile in 2013 . Learn more by watching video and reading bios at


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