John Shiple Talks Repetitive Crowdfunding, People, Process & Technology at Digital Hollywood Fall 2013

FreelanceCTO, CEO, John Shiple with YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell at Digital Hollywood Fall 2013 (Image Courtesy: Your Biz LIVE).
FreelanceCTO, CEO, John Shiple & YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell, Digital Hollywood Fall 2013
(Image Courtesy: Your Biz LIVE).

At this Fall’s Digital Hollywood in Marina Del Ray, we chatted with FreelanceCTO’s CEO, John Shiple about repetitive crowdfunding, the critical elements he looks for in a possible portfolio and business plan, his work with GeoCities back in the 90’s and the mistakes to avoid when trying to raise money or start a company.  We very much agree with engineer &  tech consultant Shiple – that it’s all about people, process and technology… How can you examine the technology if the right people and the right processes aren’t in place?

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