FirstCom Music Presents The New Mexican Music Library And The Universal Latin Series

Offers Music Users a Comprehensive Selection of Authentic Latin and Mexican Music

FirstCom Music is pleased to announce the release of two new production music libraries. “We are excited to present the Mexican Music Library and Universal Latin Series,” says Ken Nelson – Sr. Vice President/Executive Producer for FirstCom Music.

“These collections are designed to fulfill the growing demand for authentic Mexican and Latin music for Film, TV, Radio and Advertising.” – Ken Nelson, Sr. Vice President/Executive Producer, FirstCom Music

Both music libraries are now available for licensing at

Mexican Music Library
FirstCom Music: Mexican Music Library (Image Courtesy: FirstCom Music).

The Mexican Music Library offers more than 300 tracks reflecting the richness of sounds, colors, traditions, and flavors that give life to the unique Mexican and Latin cultures.

Celebrated composers, arrangers, musicians and sound engineers gathered in Mexico City and L.A. to develop this unprecedented musical effort. The music reflects extensive research regarding the origins and evolution of each of the genres. You will find a variety of instruments, rhythms, melodies and harmonies, which translate into a robust array of authentic Mexican and Latin tracks.

“Our main goal is to reflect the richness of sounds, colors, traditions and flavors, that give life to our unique Latin American culture,” says Antonio Issac Garcia – Founder/Producer/Composer/MML. “Our approach had to be different than most of the other music libraries because the essence of our Latin and Mexican music is very emotional, driven by good melodies and is performed with unique rhythms, cadences and instruments. Therefore, relying on imitations of sounds, loops, and melodic clichés, which might work on other musical styles, simply make Mexican music sound cartoonish at its best. This library had to be authentic.”

Find Even More Sizzle In The New Universal Latin Series

Universal Latin Series
FirstCom Music: Universal Latin Series
(Image Courtesy: FirstCom Music).

The Universal Latin Series is a carefully curated production music library containing the very best Latin, Spanish, South American Tropical and Latin fusion from the Universal and FirstCom Music libraries.

The collection features 179 tracks of pure Latin flavor from virtuoso musicians, producers and studios from around the world.

Click here or on the image on the left to explore all 10 Universal Latin Series albums.

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FirstCom Music, a leading music services provider, offers the most comprehensive musical selection worldwide. With more than 180,000 tracks, FirstCom Music is dedicated to providing high-quality, easy to license music to industry professionals.


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