VIDEO: Jindilli: A Nutty Company That Makes So Much Sense

Jindilli Beverages at Healthy Beverage Expo 2013 (Your Biz LIVE Photo/Jindilli)

Jindilli Beverages at Healthy Beverage Expo 2013 (Your Biz LIVE Photo/Jindilli).

I recently attended the Healthy Beverage Expo. It was full of new healthy products. “Healthy” is hot. Healthy beverages are cool. And now there’s a smart new tradeshow and conference focused exclusively on fueling the strong young trend. One of those companies is Jindilli Beverages. Jindilli is aboriginal for ‘Macadamia’ – a great name from this Aussi-based company! I spoke with Jindilli Beverages, CEO, Jim Richards.

Jindilli Beverages has the most delicious nut milks made from Macadamia nuts! Their products include whole–grain beverages, breakfast beverages and macadamia based non–dairy milks in multiple flavors. I had the pleasure of trying their chocolate  Milkadamia. Let me tell you – for this lactose-intolerant-chocolate-loving-gal – it was delicious!

They also have a new skin care line made with Macadamia nuts called Promega-7 “Delight in your Skin” and I have their Body Butter. It made my skin so soft..I am literally glowing!

Jindilli is a nutty company that makes so much sense. Cheers!

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