VIDEO: MegaPongo Beer Pong Game Quick Peek: A Total Blast!

Recognized for Innovation and Convenience, Advancing the Sport of Beer Pong at This Year’s National Hardware Show

MegaPongo Image Courtesy: Your Biz LIVE

MegaPongo. Image Courtesy: Your Biz LIVE

MegaPongo is THE game for any Tailgate Party. The newly launched beer pong game made its public debut at NHS receiving the Game Ball Award for its novelty, originality, and versatility.

A beer pong toss game, MegaPongo includes two round, free-standing game boards that also serve as the two halves of the carrying case for all the parts—target cups, legs backboards, collection cups and balls. Each of the two game boards has 19 cup holes for target cups, allowing for a variety of games to be played. Other innovative features include clear plastic backboards on each game board and ball collection nets under the game boards. MegaPongo is the only beer pong set-up that has these features, allowing for less chasing of errant balls and more time having fun playing the game!

We spoke with MegaPongo’s Founder, Brad Max and asked him how it all began. “It was created by a couple of guys who love pong,” Max replied. “What, no girls were involved?” I joked with him. “Us gals, love pong, too, you know!” I continued.

Max explained to me how he enjoys practicing MegaPongo in his office. He simply sets up a unit and places a book on a slant underneath easily allowing the balls to roll back to him. Hey, if golfers can practice putting in their corner offices, then why can’t pongers do the same? I agree with Max! What a perfect diversion or perhaps a great way to step away from life’s daily stresses at work… Relax with a pong or two… or three. I’d call it therapy or a chance to look at things more subjectively. There is truly a very satisfying feeling of getting your pongs in the right hole! It’s the same kind of feeling I get when I hit my 3-wood… That perfect– snap… in the air… flying high above. Well, same with a pong in a hole and a beer in hand…Life’s little treasures!

With office diversions aside, MegaPongo’s the perfect game for the beach, poolside, picnic in the park or barbecue. Or hey, if you’re a real MegaPongo-er– why not give it a try in January at the World Series of Beer Pong, Las Vegas, NV.

The carrying case for MegaPongo is ingenious.  So nicely constructed, compact and easy to set up. Was its design smart thinking or just luck I asked Max. “It helps having a buddy who’s an engineer to get your idea off the ground,” he replied. MegaPongo’s first prototype was built in January 2011 after three months of conceptual design. Currently patent-pending, Max explained that the game’s permanent patent can take over two years. An additional three patents related to beer pong products have also been applied for.

I asked Brad what was his biggest challenge bringing MegaPongo to market. “The wind,” he said. “Getting it to stand up in the wind – that was a big challenge for us.” I can only imagine Brad! Being from the Windy City, I know the true power of wind and if you’re on Oak Street beach playing– you certainly wouldn’t want your MegaPongo to be whisked away! No need to worry here, the MegaPongo is very strong and sturdy.

When I asked Max if he had any advice for other entrepreneurs looking to take their product to market, Max explained  he was more of a beer pong enthusiast than an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, he added,”Don’t be in a big rush. Figure out what you want and then execute. Determine the channels of distribution you will use.”

MegaPongo: Open Source

With a background in programming, I’m very familiar with open source. So, when Max said to me that MegaPongo was open source, it struck me as well, quite refreshing! “It allows people to use the game in different ways,” he explained. “It’s very versatile.” And indeed it is! Brad suggests various cup configurations, like Around the World, Chaos, Ring of Fire, as well as traditional 10-Cup.

So what are you waiting for?! The summer’s begun– get your MegaPongo today, make up your own games and post them online. About 23 inches around, weighing about 11.5 pounds when packaged, you can easily make your way to any beach, truly taking Pong to new places.

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