Eurasia Will Build World’s Largest Mall, Convention Center and Private Jet Airport In Las Vegas



The Eurasia Resort project is expected to create 450,000 new jobs for Las Vegas, eliminating Las Vegas unemployment. The Eurasia Resort project will have 15 million square feet of retail shopping space, making it the world’s largest shopping mall.

LAS VEGAS, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh off its highly successful launch at RECon 2013, ICSC’s Global Retail Real Estate Convention, Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd. Of Nassau, Bahamas has announced further plans to build the world’s most compelling, must see, play and shop experience in the world on 1200 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land located not too far from the Las Vegas Strip.

“To say we were immensely gratified by the excitement of more than 31,000 attendees and exhibitors at RECON showed for the Eurasia concept is a major understatement,” said John Ray, President of Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd.

“The interest shown in our static and video presentations by city, county and state officials, the number of top executives – many of them from major real estate management companies also exhibiting – requesting copies of our master plan book, the sheer volume of ‘keep us informed’ contact cards filled out, all these things combined have convinced us to accelerate our timetable for acquiring 1200 acres of BLM land through a combination of outright purchase, leases and pushing forward with construction by Q3, of 2014,” Ray added.

Ray noted that Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd.’s main goal is to create television programming at Eurasia capitalizing on a unique business model based on developing high-impact mega-projects and partnering with gold-standard specialists to actually manage and sometimes develop each business segment.

At Eurasia, for example, the 39 boutique hotel casinos & 6 non-gaming boutique hotels will be managed by a major hotel organization which may also provide substantial mezzanine financing to the development. Likewise, the 39 casinos will be operated by local, currently active Nevada gaming licensees with a long history of success in the Las Vegas market.

Also today, Mr. Ray announced the retention of the internationally respected team of Andrew Grant leisure / amusement center industry consultants to review, and ultimately aid in the design and coordination of the actual development and implementation phase –

“Given the incredibly favorable response to the Eurasia proposal we felt it was time to bring in some big, gold-standard guns to help us translate our creative concepts into feasible and profitable projects and support us as we navigate Eurasia through the various stages of its development,” Ray said.

Noting that plans called for Eurasia’s 6,000,000 sq. foot convention center to be operated in cooperation with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ray called that decision a “no-brainer.”

Major people attractions at Eurasia will include the Las Vegas dream mall, with 15,000,000 sq. feet of retail selling space, indoor and outdoor theme parks, the world’s largest Ferris wheel at 800 feet tall, sports arenas including a visitor-participation XTREME Sports World, three PGA-quality golf courses and Eurasia nation pavilions featuring native food, products and entertainment.

“It is our deep hope, sincere belief and high expectation, an expectation bolstered by visitor polls taken in Las Vegas, Cancun and Atlantic City, that the addition of all these missing components to the Las Vegas vacation experience will result in tourists spending 2 – 3 extra days here, almost all of them in their existing preferred resort, be it the MGM, Wynn, Caesar’s or wherever they usually stay,” Ray said.

“Frankly, we are well aware that the only way we can succeed here is if everyone succeeds. We’re all either going to sink or swim together. By drawing additional tourists to Las Vegas annually, Eurasia is going to be a mega-raft floating the Las Vegas tourism industry to its highest levels ever.”

For Media and other inquiries contact Mr. John Ray 
Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd.
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SOURCE Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd. – Global Financial Trust, Ltd.

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