VIDEO: The World of Relaxation Through Sound and Color: PSIO

YBLTV met SA CEO, Stephane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic at last month’s International CES in Las Vegas, NV. We were fortunate to experience PSIO! ¬†Amazing!! A new world of applications is available for discovery by PSIO buyers. The PSIO is a new device that comes in the form of a pair of glasses chock full of high-tech electronics that emit colored light and pulsating sound.

They are applications for your well-being and a return to equilibrium in a constantly changing world. But there’s more to it!

There are four families of PSIO applications and, in a way, four states of mind for its use:

  • Health (PA– — USE mode)
  • Well-being (FORWARD mode)
  • Learning (REC mode)
  • Energizing music (PLAY mode)

The mind naturally follows four modes of operation, a bit like the ones controlled by the buttons of a video machine. The result is a major increase in personal abilities. Starting with the four levels of consciousness, generated and maintained by the stimulation produced by the glasses, there are dozens of programs with different themes:

  • For example, stress management for headaches (This is one of the many applications of the “PA– — USE”/health mode)
  • For example, inducing sleep (One of the many possibilities of the “FORWARD”/well-being mode
  • Creation of a state promoting memorization (One of the seven applications of the “RECORD”/learning mode
  • Energizing with colored music from Claude Challe (An application of the “PLAY”/music mode. Claude Challe is the creator of the “Buddha Bar” record label.

You have to try the PSIO to understand to what extent it takes the mind…elsewhere. In an inner world, where it stops rumination completely, it is without a doubt the new way, par excellence, to intelligently recuperate and recover faster, regardless of the mode selected. Its only side effect is the common denominator of all of the states of mind it generates (!): that is, undeniable ENERGIZING power!

The PSIO sets itself apart from all of the chemical methods that were the only way to achieve these types of effects until now. It’s harmless and can be used as many times as needed.

The PSIO is the result of research done by the laboratory of Prof Habraken, a professor of Optical Physics at the University of Liege, and that of a researcher in applied sports psychology at the University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium. It’s a revolutionary device that comes in the form of futuristic glasses. Already known for his collaboration with the Belgian space center (which is making the mirror for the famous James Web space telescope that will soon replace the Hubble at the Lagrange point), Prof Habraken’s work and his many light reflection patents caught the attention of the research team at PSYCHOMED, the company behind this new boon for the field of well-being. The University of Liege and Psychomed decided to jointly file an international patent for the new invention.

With 20 years of clinical experience in university hospitals and four years of research and development, PSYCHOMED has initiated the international launch of the PSIO, a photosonic stimulator for private use.

The world of relaxation through sound and color will now be coming to our homes…!

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