Ustream’s Partnership with Newtek: LIVE Broadcasting More Accessible Than Ever

Since 2008, Ustream has provided a live streaming platform with over 50 million unique monthly viewers and a network of produced and user-generated content. At Streaming Media West Fall 2012, We spoke with Alden Fertig, Ustream’s Product Manager – Broadcasting. The best preparation for a live event Fertig says is to understand what type of content works best live. “Timely content, news and sports as well as interactive,” says Fertig. “Our Social Stream & Chat module allows you to interact live with your audience.”

Ustream has always allowed embedding in their platform. Users can put the video player on their own site or utilize their Ustream channel page. “Watch it on Twitter, Facebook or wherever else on the web,” adds Fertig. Ustream also allows unlimited viewers. The company has seen massive events that have been hosted with hundreds of thousands concurrent live viewers.

Monetize your videos with Ustream’s open pay-per-view platform. The company handles all of the credit card payment processing. It’s producer’s software is free or professional. Utilize the HD Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam for your broadcasts.

Ustream partners with a lot of hardware and software manufacturers that make great encoding products. Newtek’s TriCaster has been very popular with Ustream broadcasters. Ustream recently added a plugin that enables users to more easily stream than ever before on the TriCaster. Presets are already created that go directly to Ustream. Simply select the channel you want to stream to, choose the bandwith and resolution, and click stream! “Newtek’s TriCaster 40 for $4995 is a really new price point,” explains Fertig. “Multi-camera switching, no compromises… You can do 1080p, video playback, green screen with chroma key – basically everything you would want to do on video production, you can do on this box at a really affordable price point. We’re excited to partner with Newtek,” he adds.

“This is really making things accessible like never before.”

Fertig continues to explain, “It used to cost a ton of money to set up a radio or tv station and you only reach a limited audience. This is truly unlimited.” He adds:

“We’ve seen people who’ve literally set up a channel – they’re broadcasting for free and they’ve reached a million people within one day.”

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