Synacor TV Everywhere Engages Consumers on Multiple Devices

Meet Michael Bishara, Synacor VP and General Manager, TV Everywhere

A TV Everywhere visionary, innovator and boundary-breaker, Michael Bishara, largely credited as a force behind the successful launch of HBO GO, was recently named as Synacor’s Vice President & General Manager of TV Everywhere. Bishara’s expertise will ensure Synacor’s cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics customers have all the content, apps and services they need to deliver breakthrough user experiences.

Bishara says, “There is tremendous opportunity to grow awareness about and demand for TV Everywhere by building audiences around branded online content and by understanding swiftly evolving consumer behavior and technologies.” YBLTV had the opportunity to speak with him about TV Everywhere at Digital Hollywood Fall, October 2012.

Prior to his current position, Bishara was Senior Vice President, HBO Broadband /Digital Group where he was responsible for the overall strategy, development and rollout of broadband products, including HBO GO. Before HBO, Bishara held marketing and product leadership roles at industry giants Time Inc. and AT&T.

In 2010, Bishara was named by Multichannel News editors as one of the Visionaries, Innovators, Power Brokers: 40 Under Forty for helping HBO grow and succeed as he oversaw the development and rollout of innovative products like HBO GO, which has become an industry benchmark, helping to shape the future of TV / media.

About Synacor

Synacor’s white-label platform enables cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies to deliver TV Everywhere, digital entertainment, services and apps to their end-consumers, strengthening those relationships while monetizing theengagement. Synacor is headquartered in Buffalo, NY. For more information, visit Integrate. Authenticate. Engage.

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