Now, For-Sale-By-Owners Can Create Video Tours Like Real Estate Brokers Use – For Free

Front Door Productions, LLC has developed a search-based website exclusively dedicated to creating, producing and presenting videos for real estate properties: The site was designed by Realtors® for Sellers and Brokers alike.

According to the company, gives property Sellers and real estate Brokers a dedicated site to sell properties with video. What’s more, Sellers and Brokers have the option to use proprietary software from brixNflix to create and produce property videos– on-line, all on a single site– using their property photos and brixNflix music. So, owners selling their own home can create video tours just like Brokers use–and for free. Users pay only a modest charge for posting the video on brixNflix, and sites that brixNflix feeds. An initial 3-month posting is just 19.95; a 3-month renewal is only $5.00 and a 6-month renewal, $8.

BrixNflix makes it easy to search those property videos, too. Buyers have free access to the site– no registration necessary. And the search begins with a navigation bar which lets Buyers choose the property type they want to search. The balance of the search options cover key factors plus 4 condo buyer choices: pets, parking, handicap access and outdoor space.

Front Door Productions states that Buyers also get one of the most user-friendly property information presentations online, easily understood in a simple-to-read summary, as opposed to other approaches which can be often confusing and intimidating to bothnovice and professional alike. Direct contact information for the Seller or Broker is included as well.

Further, the company says there are three 60-second video styles for Sellers and Brokers to create–easy and free. The Playhouse video gives each of 12 photos a camera movement all underscored with music. The Movie Trailer video creates a more upbeat style with 12 photos entering and exiting the screen, again with music. The Custom video permits the addition of a voice track and allows a user to determine the numberof images, the image move and time on screen, and music selection. This video is designed for the more tech-savvy and creative user. Sellers and Brokers may also upload a pre-produced video either they or a videographer created.

Sellers & Brokers may upload up to 20 photos, and all of them, whether used in the video or not, are also exhibited on a photo page for Buyers to see.

brixNflix offers Sellers/Brokers/Buyers additional features: the ABCs of Real Estate, 60-second informational audio podcasts–minute messages that answer questions Buyers and Sellers often ask; a Resource Directory–a growing list of services available to Buyers and Sellers; and Video News, a feature that delivers short informational real estate videos, area features, how-to’s and more. And for an extra charge, users may order a Star Property placement on the brixNflix home page, or a category home page for extra visibility.

Lori Blackwell, a Chicago real estate agent and Front Door Production principal is the prime developer of the concept–combining years of residential sales knowledge with more than 25 years of ad agency and TV production experience. According to Ms. Blackwell, the company plans to promote the site nationwide providing a cost-effective vehicle for individual Sellers and Brokers.

For Buyers, these 60-second “coming attractions” provide quick and easy access to video, features, photos and easy details with direct contact to the listing agent or seller– an easy way to add or eliminate properties from a must-see list without having to register.

For Brokers, brixNflix is an economical way to create a video that is also uploaded automatically to contracted MLS groups.

For Sellers whose home values have been particularly hit hard during the housing crisis, is an important and cost free resource to create a video for selling and promoting their home. The site has launched and is initiating an online and cable campaign for both Buyers and Sellers. Visit today.

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