Control of Content Is Where It’s At With PK4 Media

Meet PK4 Media Founder & CEO, Tom Alexander

PK4 Media’s platform maximizes the value generated by online video views. It delivers targeted video ads and content to websites with its patent-pending video tech platform (free ad-supported video player, premium content library and digital ad/content distribution network).

What makes PK4 different is that it’s built around meeting the distinct needs of brands, publishers AND content creators. Through the library and a rev share between publishers and content partners, they’ve made premium content the star in its platform. And it works – average .84% CTR on its video ad campaigns – much higher than the industry average.

PK4 is unique as a video ad network that allows advertisers to target down to the content level – controlling which videos pre-, post- or mid-roll ads run against.

Your Biz LIVE TV was fortunate to meet with PK4 Media’s Founder & CEO, Tom Alexander at Digital Hollywood Fall 2012. Control of content is where it’s at. PK4 Media seems perfectly positioned in the online industry with a great platform that benefits everyone.

About PK4 Media

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., PK4 Media is a digital media company in the advertising technology industry with a platform that maximizes the value generated by online video views. The company delivers highly targeted online advertising and video content to websites through its patent-pending video technology platform, premium content video library, data tracking engine and a digital ad distribution network of more than 4,000 hand-selected websites. Founded in 2009, PK4 Media’s clients are advertisers, content creators and website publishers and include companies such as Procter & Gamble, Hilton, Disney, Home Depot and others. For more information, please visit

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