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IPWorldTV Inc., a California based company, has been in the IP Streaming/Solutions business since 2005. IPWorldTV’s main priority has always been satisfying the customers’ needs in the best possible way. In the recent years, with the new technological advancements, IPWorldTV has foreseen the trend change in the business and adjusted its business model to meet the consumers’ needs.

Today, more and more consumers demand personalized and interactive media services. Consumers want to access any content, at any time, on any device without geographical limitations. IPWorldTV Inc’s CDN (content delivery network) is a very advanced system that gets very close to this dream both on the consumer and on the content provider side. IPWorldTV Inc’s state-of-the-art technology enables both SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) content to be delivered to the end user’s location with bitrates starting at 600Kbps upto 6 Mbps.

Today, unlike its predecessors, IPWorldTV Inc. provides a complete solution package starting from content acquisition from the content provider to the set-top boxes at the customer’s location. IPWorldTV’s set-top boxes are capable of handling both live streaming and VOD services through the secure and managed IPWorldTV content delivery network.Every single step of the whole process is managed by IPWorldTV Inc, and this gives the company the necessary tools to match the customers’ needs at the maximum level. Apart from the quality of the service the company provides, IPWorldTV provides a complete solution through their secure and managed content delivery network leads to optimum reliability with the fastest response time.

Mr. Pekcan is COO of IPWorldTV Inc., a California based company that has been in the IP Streaming/Solutions business since 2005. Previously, he was Business Development Manager at DFH Network Inc., Sales and Marketing Manager at Emek Sigorta A.S and Regional Headquarters Manager at Emek Sigorta A.S.

Mr. Pekcan most recently exhibited at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, NV. He has attended the Satellite 2011 Show as well as the National Cable Show. Educated at the University of Oxford, he is a proud member of many LinkedIn groups including US Sailing, Global Access Telemedia and many more.

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